The NRG Workshop..More Cool Enclosures for the 3rd Kind..Many thanks again to our friend for these pictures.

40 Watt Transmitter with Mains Power Supply built in!

These Excellent pictures show what you can do with kits and modules. The transmitter below was built from scratch, at component level, by an NRG customer. The heart of this home made transmitter is an NRG 4-watt PLL-PRO III kit which is driving an NRG 40 watt amplifier module. Everything is in the one enclosure! The constructor has provided his own toroidal mains transformer and voltage regulating circuitry. Note the twin cooling fans operating in 'push-pull'. The visible quality of the finished product is certainly a credit to the man who built it. This transmitter could be used for a low powered community radio station or a restricted service licenced station, no problem!

Customer built project using the NRG Kits PLL-PRO 3 kit and 40 watt amp module.

Note the heatsink used for the PSU voltage regulator pass transistor

The two fans on this rig will be more than adequate to keep things cool, nice work!

The finished product from the rear, a tidy professional looking unit ready for action.

And there you have it, proof that it can be done, as this demonstrates. Obviously, some electrical and engineering experience will help to achieve results like these. But the satisfaction from building this must have been pretty good. If you have constructed a project that's cool and want to show it off, send us the pictures!